B.N.A.E. (Metric) French Recess

There are a variety of screwdriver bits to select from depending on the job you are looking to complete or the varied applications they are required to fulfil. B.N.A.E. (metric) screwdriver bits are named for the Bureau de Normalisation de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace and have a wide range of uses in the Aerospace and Aeronautics industries. They were created for aircraft and machine screw applications, and this particular style utilises the French designed recess.

Quality B.N.A.E. (metric) screwdriver bits are crafted from premium tool alloys that can accommodate the heat generated with any job. This will help avoid typical problems that come with demanding and high-performance applications, including shattering and premature wear. These insert screwdriver bits are commonly used with a Bit Holder for power tool applications that create economical use and flexibility.

The screwdriver bits come in assorted shapes and sizes with a hex insert and various bit shapes, including a wing-face rib and a Phillips head screwdriver bit. Using the correct and top-quality tools along with using high-quality bits will ensure damage to the surrounding surface area is negated and kept to a minimum.

Need Help Select B.N.A.E. (Metric) French Recess Screwdriver Bits?

If you need guidance on our B.N.A.E. (Metric) French Recess bits or any other tools we offer in our range, please reach out to our team via our online form, call us on 01268 288880 or email your enquiry to hello@threadrive.co.uk. We also sell additional aviation and aerospace M.R.O. tools at www.eumro.co.uk.

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