Mortorq® Spiral Drive System

The EXTERNAL MORTORQ® Spiral Drive System provides maximum torque in a lightweight design with clearance and capability optimisation. Tighter clearance built into the design results in overall weight reduction for bolts and structures to yield the highest efficiency for every use. When combined with additional torque capability, the lower head height results in remarkably increased performance over alternative drive systems.

The Spiral Drive minimises clearance between components while providing options for maintenance and recyclability to create a truly green solution. The solid head to socket mating provides optimal torque transmission that ensures clamp load while simultaneously reducing installed weight. Its unique shape offers complete contact of the driver over the recessed wing providing extremely high torque capability without the risk of damaging the fastener, tool, or any surrounding areas. This design optimisation ensures that MORTORQ® fasteners can withstand damaged fasteners to optimise removability. Whether measuring success in weight reduction, tighter clearances, or fuel efficiency, the Spiral Drive System offers outstanding functional and cost efficiencies.

Features and Benefits of the MORTORQ® Spiral Drive System

High Strength Shallow Recesses
These allow for low-profile head designs and system weight reduction.

Patented Design with Curved Wings
This feature offers full driver-to-recess wall contact with a lower loading per mm2, creating optimal torque transfer.

High Damage Toleration
The system has the ability to remove corroded or damaged fasteners, which eliminates the need for drill outs.

Larger Drive to Clearance
Enables off-angle driving while also accommodating paint build up.

Phillips Screw Company (PSC) quality inspections
This ensures global system quality and compatibility.

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