Izar Cutting Tools
Manufacturing since 1910

Right from the beginning in 1910 Izar’s speciality has been the production of precision cutting tools (drill bits, end mills, taps) for different industrial uses, such as drilling, reaming, counter-boring, threading, milling and turning. Izar also offer a wide range of tools for hardware and building sectors.

High technology from the best raw material
Izar produce their twist drills and end mills in high speed steel (HSS, HSSE & HSSE-8%Co), PMX and HM in order to improve the results in cutting and drilling.

Optimum finishing of the machining surfaces
Izar’s tool design and advanced geometry assure the best finishing and performance in all materials designed.

Izar coating equals time reduction
The use of modern coatings allow an increase in the cutting speed of up to 40% with TIN and up to 75% with TIALN.


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