Hi-Lok® Installation Tools
Hi Lok is a trusted trademark of Hi-Shear Corporation and is highly known within the aviation industry as well as in the military. Hi Lok pins and collars require basic installation tools and are available to purchase. The Hi Lok pins and Hi Lok collars are threaded and therefore enable Hi Lok fasteners to be easy to install and uninstall.

Why Buy A Hi-Lok Installation Tool?
The Hi-Lok is a two part fastener that is highly suitable to the needs of the aviation industry. Integrated function of the system enables consistent torque on each fastener. The self locking Hi Lok collar provides preload values by separating when the correct torque level is met. .

Furthermore, the controlled preload increases the life of the airframe in comparison to other fastening systems. The Hi Lok pin itself is designed to be held still by the installation tool whilst the Hi Lok collar rotates. The more torque applied, the tighter it becomes, however, Hi Lok is designed so that it cannot be over-torqued. This is due to the Hi Lok collars design, which automatically breaks off to eliminate the need for to torque inspection.

Hi-Lok Availability
Hi Lok is a versatile fastener that takes advantage of a nut or pin collar combination. The Hi Lok fastener is popular due to it being easily adaptable and suitable for large scale production. Hi Lok is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. It is the ultimate engineering solution to tackling a variety of assembly problems. A full range of Hi Lok on our website for purchase.

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