Nord-Lock SC, Steel Construction Washers

Nord-Lock is the creator of wedge-locking technology to secure bolted joints, even those that are heavily exposed in environments with severe vibration and dynamic loading. Nord-Lock Steel Construction (SC) washers use wedge-locking technology, designed for steel construction industry applications to fit European standard HV/HR bolt and nut assemblages. Nord-Lock SC washers guarantee the highest corrosion resistance available on the market, with all having undergone testing via the Neutral Salt Spray Test.

This is achieved by utilising tension rather than friction to secure the joints and stabilising the locking mechanism. This offers increased reliability and lower maintenance expenses while also significantly reducing accidents that may occur due to unexpected unfastening incidents. For optimal contact provision between every bolt and the washer installed, each washer has chamfers on both sides to avoid any chance of incorrect installation.

We do not recommend Nord-Lock SC-washers for the following:
Use with plain or regular washers
Not locked mating surfaces
When surfaces being secured are harder than the placed SC washer
With soft wooden or plastic surfaces
Do not use with an overly large settlement
Where there is no clamp joint force

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