Skin Pins & Installation/Removal Tools
Hand operated skin pins (Cleco’s) fasteners are used throughout the aviation Industry, consist of spring or plier operated, bar nut and wing nut styles. Power Operated skin pins (Cleco’s) include hex nut, cylindrical body or round body types. Most skin pin (Clec’o) clamps are available in various lengths and strengths to accommodate various manufacturing processes Cleco clamps, also known as “skin pins” are a temporary solution to fastening sheets of material together.

Cleco clamps, which are sometimes referred to as “Cleco clamps” are used to fasten material or to hold parts such as frames or stiffeners together. Skin pins / Cleco clamps are used to fasten materials or parts before they are permanently joined.

Why Use Cleco Clamps?
The clamps themselves are useful for aligning two pieces of metal for riveting or drilling. Cleco clamps were originally developed by Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company and have evolved since their introduction.

Are Cleco Clamps Essential?
Cleco clamps are predominantly used in the automotive, racing or aviation industry. The clamps are an essential part of an aviation mechanics toolkit. Cleco clamps expand on each side of the material, which are later drawn and clamped together. This helps prevent distortion and maintain accurate alignment for rivet installation.

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