Side Grip Clamps & Installation Pliers
The function of side grip clamps is to clamp at the edge of a work area. Side grip clamps are suitable for many industries such as the aviation or automotive industry. The side grip clamps themselves are perfect for holding various types of workpieces. Furthermore, our side grip clamps are ideal for use during sealing, bonding or glueing processes.

Installation Made Easy
Installation of our side grip clamps is hassle free and easy. Side grip clamps can be installed with ease using a pneumatic installation tool or even manual pliers dependant on the type. Our Cleco side grip clamps can be easily installed with our Cleco clamp pliers.

In addition to this, our side grip clamps are spring loaded to provide constant and consistent clamp force. The side grip clamps can be installed as you drill holes to be riveted for later. The design of our side grip clamps ensures that they are long lasting and therefore efficient. A larger surface area design helps to minimise scarring whilst the spring loading mechanism helps prevent over tightening.

Side Grip Clamp Availability
Side grip clamps are available in a range of sizes and styles. They are even colour coded for easy identification of size. Each colour code represents a differently sized side grip clamps. Our side grip clamps also work perfectly with most types of material and are an essential choice for many types of engineers and fabricators. Side grip clamps are a temporary solution although they are reusable for multiple uses. Our side grip clamps are available for purchase on our website.

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