Nord-Lock Washers

Nord-Lock developed the original wedge-locking technology to secure bolted joints exposed to vibration and dynamic loading, making them ideal for use in the aviation and aerospace industry. The wedge design makes it impossible for any part of the system to loosen unintentionally. This is achieved by utilising tension rather than friction to secure the joints and stabilising the locking mechanism. This offers increased reliability and lower maintenance expenses while also significantly reducing accidents that may occur due to unexpected unfastening incidents.

Nord-Lock also promises a quality product which includes the highest corrosion resistance available on the market, with the washers undergoing 1,000 hours of Neutral Salt Spray Tests. This rigorous testing ensures each part and washer is guaranteed to deliver optimal performance in even the most extreme environments and settings.

The Nord-Lock Washer Joint Guide

Tapped holes: Nord-Lock washers safely lock the bolt against the underlying surface.
Counterbores: Regular Nord-Lock washers are designed to fit a standard bolt for counterbore holes in mind.
Through-holes: Through-holes need two pairs of Nord-Lock washers – one pair to secure the bolt and a second to secure the nut.
Stud bolts: Nord-Lock washers lock the nut to the stud bolt and eliminate the need for adhesive.

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