Hi-Lok® Removal Pliers

Exceptional and dependable aviation-quality fasteners require a range of technically precise and specialist tools to ensure that each piece fits correctly and every installation is safe. Threadrive’s range showcases the very best available tools on the market, providing the best tool for the job at all times, and this is certainly true with our HI-LOK® collection. As a result, every item on our website is guaranteed to be industry-standard, with both professional and personal use applications.

The products made by the HI-LOK® brand are supportive of high tensile strength requirements and can be used in a host of extreme conditions. HI-LOK® offers precision tools that make them ideal for space aeronautics, military, and commercial aviation and suited to current aerospace needs while being efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Each item and product available is fabricated in various sizes and materials for usage versatility.

Easily remove collars with specially designed HI-LOK® pliers that work on various shapes and sizes of hex collars such as Hi-Lok, Hi-Lite, Hi-Tigue, Veri-Lite and C-Lok. The hardened steel jaws are designed to maximise the gripping surface, providing the user with excellent access, exceptional clearance, unmatched grip strength, and ergonomic design for better leverage.

Need Help Select a Pair of Hi-Lok® Removal Pliers?

If you need guidance on HI-LOK® or any other tools in our range, please get reach out to our team via our online form, on 01268 288880 or by emailing hello@threadrive.co.uk. We also sell further aviation and aerospace MRO tools at www.eumro.co.uk.

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