Turnex Tools, Fastener Extraction
Turnex, the most versatile fastener extraction system in use in the aviation industry. Made in the U.K

On aircraft, hovercraft and helicopters, repairs regularly have to be carried out away from the maintenance base in a hurry. One of the most common causes of delay occurs when access panels cannot be removed due to over tigthtened screws or jammed screws or bolts.

Though a minor problem in a well equipped hanger or workshop, the jammed screws become a major time consuming issue when there is no access to available air or power sources, like on a ramp or aircraft stand location.

The Turnex range of tools has been developed specifically for the aviation industry offers simplicity and portability, being small enough to be stored in flight spare boxes, at line stations or hanger stores. The Turnex tools has been used and tested in a wide variety of applications operating and performing the tasks that it is designed to do.

Turnex Tools have been designed, manufactured and developed since 1986 by Mike Turner who has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience as an aircraft engineer. Turnex tools are patented (patent No. 2238 744A) and are approved and recommended by Boeing and are the sole fastener extraction system used within the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Army Air Corps and many more civil maintenance and military customers.

The Turnex Tools products currently aren’t held in stock but are available to order. Please contact us at hello@threadrive.co.uk or call 01268 288880 for delivery details.

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