Jiffy Air Tools

Jiffy Air Tool is a long-running and market-leading solutions provider that has operated for 80 years. The company specialises in hand-held, restricted access, pneumatic drill and fastening installation tools for the Aerospace and Aircraft industries. Jiffy Air Tool offers a vast selection of tools for airframe assembly, maintenance, and international repair facilities. Each tool is designed to make the operator’s job easier with features that include difficult area reach for “drill and fill” applications. These include the preparation of holes and fastener installation with torque control for a plain nut or Hi-Lok® type fastener.

Aerospace applications are high pressure and demand the use of ultra-high performance materials. This requirement led to the use and development of the C-type 18% nickel maraging tool steel with the strongest of this material type known as C-350, which has the nominal tensile strength of 350 ksi or 350,000 pounds per square inch with excellent wear properties. As a result, all gears in Jiffy Air Tool attachments are manufactured from this material to ensure longevity and a top-notch product that is built to last.

Need Help Selecting a Jiffy Air Tool?

If you need guidance in choosing a Jiffy Air Tool or any other item from our range, reach out to our expert team. We can advise on selecting the right tool for your job. We are reachable via our online form, on 01268 288880 or emailing hello@threadrive.co.uk. You can also see a further range of aviation and aerospace MRO tools that we sell at www.eumro.co.uk.

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