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Skin Pins play an important role in automotive, racing and aircraft sheet metal repair and have been popular for decades. The skin pins we offer at Threadrive are all manufactured in the UK with local craftsmanship built into each one, ensuring reliability and high performance. Our range of Cleco fasteners has spring or plier operated bar and wing nut styles with power-operated skin pins, including hex nut, cylindrical or round body types. They are an essential component of an aviation mechanics toolkit as they help prevent distortion while maintaining accurate alignment for rivet installation.

Skin Pins are used in a host of Aircraft, Aerospace, MRO, by leading aerospace businesses that include BAE Systems, Airbus, British Airways, and Virgin. Automotive industry use consists of the high-performance requirements of Formula 1 and other competitive automotive services. Skin Pins are also utilised in the sheet metal industry to reinforce structures for a solid and reliable construction finish. We have a range of sizes available on our website, with more on request.

Looking for Selecting Your Skin Pins?

If you need guidance on our Skin Pins range, or if you want to find something specific to your needs that is not shown on our website, contact our team. We offer an entire range of specialist components and tools to help complete your job. We are reachable via our website contact form, by calling 01268 288880 or emailing We also offer alternative aviation and aerospace MRO tools at

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