Turnex Tools, Fastener Extraction
Turnex, the most versatile fastener extraction system in use in the aviation industry.

There a four standard Turnex tools. The Turnex 50 and Turnex 100 are designed primarily for use on flat surface applications. The Turnex 150 and Turnex 200 are designed for convex and concave applications.

How To Operate
1. Select the threaded anchor adaptor and bit according to screw size on the access panel.
2. Locate the anchor adaptor onto the swivel and secure with a ½” open-ended spanner.
3. Position the threaded anchor adaptor in line with the lever bar and locate the tool anchor in an adjacent hole.
4. Adjust the tool by screwing in or out to allow the bit to seat correctly into the screwhead.
5. When adjusted, run down the locking ring to the panel surface, apply pressure to the lever bar, and rotate the screwdriver bit using a 5/16” AF ratchet ring spanner or similar.

The Turnex Tools products currently aren’t held in stock but are available to order. Please contact us at hello@threadrive.co.uk or call 01268 288880 for delivery details.