Nord-Lock Original Washers, 254 SMO, SP LARGE O.D
Nord-Lock washers secure bolted joints with tension instead of friction.

Nord-Lock is a high quality product with documented success in many industries worldwide. Nord-Lock wedge lock washers have been rigorously tested and approved by independent institutes as well as certification authorities.

Nord-Lock wedge lock washers are used in numerous industries such as: energy, transportation, offshore, mining and quarrying, construction and bridge building, manufacturing and processing, ship building, forestry and agriculture, heavy vehicles and military. Nord-Lock washers are approved by several industry standards and specified by numerous international companies.

Over the operational life cycle, Nord-Lock wedge lock washers give increased operational reliability and lower maintenance costs while significantly reducing the risks of production stops, accidents and warranty claims.

Choosing the right Nord-Lock washer size, material and diameter. A helpful guide:
Bolt size:
Equals the washer designation. E.g NL6 washers fit with M6 bolt, NL1/2 fits with 1/2 bolt etc.

Washer material:
For a steel bolt use steel washers and for stainless steel bolts use stainless steel washers.

Washer outer diameter:
Washers with a standard outer diameter are the most commonly used, but if you have an enlarged or slotted hole, we recommend washers with an enlarged outer diameter (SP) for better load distribution.

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