Hi-Lok® Installation Sockets

Unique and reliable aircraft and aviation-quality fasteners require specialised tools to ensure correct and safe installation. Threadrive’s extensive range of installation tools will ensure you have the proper tool for the job every time. Each HI-LOK® item in our range is guaranteed to be industry-standard with applications for both professional and home use.

HI-LOK® is a trademark of the Hi-Shear Corporation. The products created by the brand are designed to support high tensile strength applications and are for use in diverse and extreme conditions. HI-LOK® products offer precision, making them ideal for space aeronautics, military, and commercial aviation usage by creating a system suited to current aerospace assembly needs. HI-LOK® designs are created for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, with each manufactured in different sizes and material blends for versatility and variety of use.

Anti-FOD Hi-Lok® Installation Sockets fit standard square drives with the addition of a generous through-hole to enable hex key use when required and are suited to Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, and Hi-Tigue® installation. A provided set screw positively retains the sockets on the square drive to prevent damage. In addition, the patented sockets feature a slot to eject the collar while the tool is spinning, providing a smooth and quick workflow.

Need Assistance With Your Hi-Lok® Installation Sockets Selection?

If you need additional advice on our range, please contact our team via our online form, on 01268 288880 or by emailing hello@threadrive.co.uk. We also sell an additional range of aviation and aerospace MRO tools at www.eumro.co.uk.

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