Nord Lock Wheel Nuts

Nord-Lock created the original wedge-locking technology to secure bolted joints for industries that expose their machinery to extreme vibration and dynamic loading, such as the aviation and aerospace sectors. The design makes it impossible for unintentional loosening as the wedge added underneath the bolt head and nut prevents this movement and additional safety risks. 

Nord-Lock wheel nut is another safety assemblage that secures wheels for both on-road vehicles and off-road, heavy machinery and transportation vehicles. They work by maintaining a very high clamp force, even under the most extreme working conditions. The wheel nuts are also designed to be used with flat-faced steel rims and cannot loosen by themselves as the wedge-effect blocks any possible rotation. Nord-Lock wheel nuts have undergone rigorous testing using the Junker test – the most thorough method for testing any variation in clamp load for wheel nuts – and have received approval from independent institutes and certification authorities. 


  • The wheel nuts are quick and easy to install and remove simply with hand tools
  • all pieces are pre-lubricated
  • They have high corrosion resistance
  • Reliable locking mechanism
  • May be reusable depending on the usage environment

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