Drill Stops
A drill stops main function is to be attached over drill bits in order to prevent over or under drilling. Drill stops are effectively designed to prevent drill bit breakage. The drill stop itself uses a coil spring system for extra cushioning. A sure top is included to help regulate hole depth. Drill stops are a must have aid. They can be easily locked into a drill using two set screws. The unique rounded face is designed to eliminate surface marring.

Why Buy Drill Stops?
Drill stops are useful in a variety of industries such as aerospace and can prevent potential damage. These useful attachments are colour coded to help identify the required size. Our drill stops can be easily slid onto the drill and secured at a suitable position.

The drill stop itself will not allow the drill to be inserted any further than the position in which the drill stop has been placed. Once the drill stop has been met by a surface, the drill will not be able to pass past that point. This is extremely handy as it can help give an exact drill depth. An exact drill depth will therefore reduce the chance or over drilling or under drilling. Furthermore, accidents resulted from under or over drilling can be expensive and potentially dangerous.

Our Drill Stop Availability
On our website, you can find a variety of drill stops available for direct purchase. Our drill stops are colour coded and therefore available in a wide range of sizes. Discover our wide range of drill stops today.

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