Keylocking Threaded Inserts, Stainless Steel 303, Thin Wall

Keylocking threaded inserts can quickly repair stripped, damaged and worn out threads, by replacing them with a new stronger thread to give original equipment and new construction extra strength. With Keylocking threaded inserts installation and removal is easy with the keys driven into the surrounding base material’s thread and locked into place to provide a positive mechanical lock. This prevents rotation with vibration or torsion common in aviation mechanical applications. Keylocking inserts are available in carbon or stainless steel, both in imperial and metric measurements, along with sizes that span Thinwall, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Solid insert styles. These Thin Wall Key Inserts, made from stainless steel 303, feature a smaller external thread size when compared to heavy duty varieties which makes them perfect for tight spaces where less pull-out is needed. They still deliver the same strength and precision of other varieties however, and security to your installation and no adhesive is required to hold it in place. We also offer installation tools for easy completion of your job.

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