Keylocking Threaded Inserts, Carbon Steel, Heavy Duty

The Keylocking threaded inserts we offer at Threadrive make it fast and efficient to repair stripped, damaged, and worn threads in a host of aviation, aeronautic, and mechanical equipment. Our range is also suitable for other high-performance automotive and industrial applications. Threaded inserts give your older equipment a second life by substituting old threads with newer and stronger threads while also being helpful for newly produced items as they introduce additional strength into the configuration. Keylocking threaded inserts are created to be easily installed and removed while providing a lock mechanism to prevent rotation common in various mechanical uses. Our inserts range includes carbon and stainless steel items. Measurements are available in imperial and metric and come in Thinwall, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty selections.

Heavy Duty Keylocking Threaded Inserts made from carbon steel add strength to any project or job application and offer your installation stability, precision, and security. With these threaded inserts, no adhesive is required to complete the installation and make job completion easy and straightforward.

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If you need guidance on our Keylocking Threaded Inserts or can’t see what you need here, reach out to us. We offer fitting, installations, and a host of other specialist tools to make your job easier. We are contactable via our website contact form, by calling 01268 288880 or emailing We also sell a range of other aviation and aerospace MRO tools at

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