Hi-Lok® Hex Keys

The HI-LOK system is registered to the Hi-Shear Corporation, with the products they create being ideal for high tensile strength applications in various extreme environments. In addition, HI-LOKs pins, collars, and fasteners offer precise dimensions, making them ideal for use in space aeronautics, military, and commercial aviation, achieving an all-purpose system suited to modern aerospace assembly requirements. Furthermore, HI-LOK’s designs ensure an efficient and reliable system, manufactured in various sizes and material combinations to create versatility in use and application.

A Hi-Lok® hex key, commonly known by the alternative brand, the Allen Key, is an easy-to-use tool that drives bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets into place. Hi-Lok® offers a range of standard keys made from chrome-vanadium steel and extra-long varieties with ballpoint heads in chrome-molybdenum steel. The ball end ensures the key slides more readily into the receiving slot and has an offset 30-degree angle that is great for blind or challenging to reach applications or if it needs to work around an obstruction. Hi-Lok® Hex Keys are available for hand tool applications or as part of an air tool system, depending on your requirements.

Need Assistance With Your Hi-Lok® Selection?

If you would like additional help or advice on which tool is most suitable for your application or job, get in touch with our team either via our contact form, calling 01268 288880 or by emailing hello@threadrive.co.uk. Threadrive also sells an additional range of other aviation and aerospace MRO tools and systems at www.eumro.co.uk.

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